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Welcome! My name is Lucy, a fully certified, London-based hatha yoga teacher.

On this site I describe the benefits of hatha yoga – how it can make you feel good and also improve your quality of life. I also explain how other styles of yoga compare to hatha, so you can make an informed decision about which style (or styles) is best for you.

I hope to see you at one of my classes, but whichever yoga style you choose to practice I wish you fulfilment and enjoyment!

My hatha yoga classes are perfect for you if….

  • You are a very busy worker, parent or student and you want the physical benefits of exercise and the mental benefits of calming practices like meditation, but don’t have time to attend separate classes for each
  • You want to improve your fitness but don’t like exercise that is too hardcore! Instead, you want to try something that is not intense but still gives you a happy buzz from working your body
  • You have a need to fully switch off from your hectic daily life by engaging in something that deeply calms your mind. However, you don’t want the complete stillness of meditation and involving some movement is the best way for you to relax
  • You suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain and you would like to reduce your discomfort and release tension to move towards pain-free working and personal lives
  • You have a history of injuries and are keen to experience the pleasure of exercise again, in a style that is low risk but enjoyable
  • You suffer from stress, anxiety or depression and have a desire to calm your mind, fully relax and develop new ways to overcome distractions and negative thoughts

My guarantee: LOVE your first Sweet Being Yoga class or get your money back
I’m so sure you’ll love your first class that if not I’ll refund you the full amount. Simply email payments@sweetbeingyoga.co.uk and your refund will be processed promptly – no questions asked!

What students say about my classes

“I felt totally relaxed and clear headed after taking part in one of Lucy’s yoga classes. Would highly recommend if you want to close your mind off to the world for an hour or so.”

Natalie Meadham

“I’m absolutely blown away by how Lucy’s classes have transformed my physical and mental well being. I tend to get so tense and spend my time over-thinking but after an hour with Lucy, I’m relaxed to the point that I can’t help but smile and feel like I’m walking an inch off the ground.”

Claire Kilcourse

“Lucy’s presence in the yoga class did exactly what I understand yoga to be. Pointing and guiding me “home” inside. She guides calmly and steadily with lots of space to absorb the transitions and go deep into the practice. She’s so sweet and gentle too, so I was left feeling nurtured and held. Thank you so much, Lucy. I’m privileged to have experienced your class.”

Suzi Bloor

“I practised yoga with Lucy a couple of times and every time is different, special and motivating. She explains it so well that makes me feel confident in my poses. I always finish the sessions very relaxed and wishing for the next session to start. I will definitely keep going to her sessions!”

Mariana Guzman

“I recently made the decision to come back to yoga after a really long break. I was initially a bit sceptical about hatha yoga having heard that it’s a lot slower than vinyasa flow which I had enjoyed in the past. However I found Lucy’s class extremely well balanced and clearly lead so I could easily follow the steps. Lucy’s focus on breath and clear simple adjustments made for the most enjoyable and beneficial yoga class – I really felt relaxed which was impressive because the class took place at my workplace! I can’t recommend Lucy enough especially if your looking for a gentle peaceful way to banish the aches and pains ready for the working day.”

Emily Sly

How hatha yoga is different to other styles of yoga

Fast-flowing, athletic styles of yoga such as vinyasa or ashtanga are great for an intense workout of the body, whereas restorative yoga is wonderful for focusing on the mind: letting go of stress and releasing tension. Yin yoga is paced for slowing down the mind but its asanas (postures) are mostly aimed at stretching joints and connective tissue to increase their flexibility.

In hatha yoga we hold asanas longer than fast-flowing modern styles. Some of these are restful, some are challenging, and after each one we take a calming pause. From the restful asanas and calming pauses you gain meditative, relaxing benefits, but the challenging asanas give you a similar feeling to that of a really satisfying workout. This combination of practices works together to transform your mind as well as your body.

What a typical Sweet Being Yoga class looks like

Starting with warm-ups, we gently move and stretch the body, focusing on coordinating our movements and breath together. Next we typically progress to heat building sun salutations, getting your heart-rate up and working your body fairly intensely.

We then move through a sequence of standing asanas, like Warrior 1 Pose, Triangle Pose, and others. On average, these are less intense than sun salutations but you might still work up a sweat at times. Some asanas will be strength-building, others good for improving balance and flexibility, with a few aimed at relieving tension. Following each asana we come to a neutral position for a calming pause, usually between 10 and 30 seconds, with our eyes closed and bodies relaxed.

The next part of the class will be a sequence of floor asanas, for example Sitting Forward Fold, Cobra Pose, to name a couple.  These give a similar variety of benefits to standing asanas but in general the intensity of the exercise is lower, gradually bringing you towards a happily relaxed state at the end of class. We continue to alternate with calming pauses throughout.We always finish with a much deserved guided final relaxation of each part of the body in turn. This melts away any remaining tension in your mind and body so you can enjoy the sweetness of simply ‘being’.

My aim as a teacher is to leave you feeling refreshed, calm and full of energy to take with you into the rest of your day. If this interests or excites you then please do come along to a class and try it out for yourself 🙂

Don’t forget my money-back guarantee for your first class!

Free classes for referring your friends
Earn a free class for every friend you refer (and their first class will be free too!) with my very simple scheme. All you have to do is book with a code that I give you after your friend attends their first class.

“The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”
T.K.V. Desikachar

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Giving back to the environment & animals

I’m also passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and the animals we share it with. Across my blog, social media and events I’ll regularly be sharing simple ways that we can all contribute to the planet positively, to get you inspired and motivated to make the small changes that make such a huge difference!

5% of all Sweet Being Yoga profits are donated to environmental and animal charities chosen by you
As a community, we will decide together every three months who Sweet Being Yoga donates to.

About me

I discovered yoga in my early twenties as a way to deal with anxiety and burnout from London working and modern day living as well as long-term back pain - I can wholeheartedly say, yoga works! In October 2017 I left my office job in the fashion world to travel SE Asia, ending in Bali where I completed my 200-hour, Yoga Alliance accredited Hatha Yoga teacher training.

I love to explore nature and enjoy creating (and eating) plant-based vegan food - especially raw cakes and treats!

I find so much joy in sharing yoga and its endless benefits and look forward to meeting you at a class soon.


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